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Madonna is only human, she reminded her fans tonight. At the last minute– around 7:30pm– Madonna cancelled her show at the Howard Gilman Opera house in Brooklyn. The show would have gone on at 10:30pm. The problem? A knee is out of order. For the 61 year old, it’s understandable.

She wrote on Instagram: “Its Hard for Madame ❌ to admit that she is also a human being made of flesh and blood and she must rest for the next 3 days to insure full recovery for her knee.
I am not a quitter. This hurts me more than you can imagine. Its time to take those heels and fishnets off for a few days! 👠. Thank you for your understanding. ♥️. See you very soon !! #recovery #madamextheatre #nevergiveup #ongod”

It must be frustrating for Madonna, who’s always been in top shape, to endure aging. Isn’t she invincible? But like any athlete she has to face facts: on stage Madonna moves a little tentatively. Her show is grueling even for a woman half her age. But her choreographers and director (whoever they are, I never did get their names) have designed a show in which younger people do the heavy lifting. It’s a funny thing to say about Madonna, but this how Carol Channing used to get through revivals of “Hello, Dolly!”

Hey, look at it this way: Madonna thinks she’s Jewish, courtesy of Kabbalah. So Tuesday night she can hunker down at Kol Nidre, and listen to the Shofar on Wednesday at Yom Kippur services, then break the fast with a nice brisket.

This will leave Madonna with just two more shows in Brooklyn unless she makes up Monday’s cancellation. Then she’s off to Chicago, where the first date has been pushed back to October 16th. The October 15th opener has been rescheduled for October 28th.

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