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The Kardashians are dropping in numbers faster than the stock market after a Trump brouhaha.

Four weeks ago, the avaricious family returned to E! for a 17th season (eight years already, seems like 17) with a little over a million viewers. The numbers were down from their spring finale, but still hanging in there. The second week was a little more down, but still over a million by a smidge.

But two weeks ago, the Ks dropped below a million t0 983,000. And then this past Sunday they fell again, to 862,000. So that’s a drop of 19.6% in a month.

This is despite Kim getting people out of jail, and Kanye having his usual bipolar situations. Viewers are losing interest fast, which isn’t a total surprise. Who could still be following these people? Shut ins, people on ventilators, or in vegetative states.

Now we’ll wait and see if next Sunday has another drop. Then we’ll know the party is over.

I can’t bring myself to post a clip from their show. So here’s one instead from a much funnier and talented family, the Marx Bros. Enjoy!

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