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“Joker,” a movie that has been hyped beyond all recognition, took in $13.3 million last night in previews. It will set a record for an October opening, but fall short of being the super mega blockbuster everyone predicted. This, despite or because of, crazy warnings and pumped up warnings of possible violence in theaters.

There won’t be any, except maybe at the candy counter about inflated priced.

But “Joker” will not hit the $100 million opening weekend some had predicted a few weeks and months ago. No, with critics reviews around 75% and the fear of violence anted up, non fanboy audiences will stay away. Also, word of mouth from Thursday and Friday will warn off older audiences once the extreme, sudden violence in the movie is described to them. That’s going to be a big  issue. The weekend target is around $85 million.

Don’t count out Joaquin Phoenix, though, for many awards nominations. He gives a sensational performance, one of the best of any year.

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