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Wednesday night cable slug fest: Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity tied in total viewers: 3,869,000. And it wasn’t just that Donald Trump is unraveling in every direction.

Maddow’s guest on Wednesday was former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Maddow’s numbers jumped by half a million viewers. Extraordinary.

And Wednesday was actually win for Maddow. She had 350,000 viewers in the key demo, 18 to 49 vs. Hannity’s 280,000. Hannity beat Maddow in total viewers over 50, or dead.

Maddow’s Wednesday audience spilled over to Lawrence O’Donnell, bringing him just over 3 million who stayed for his show after Clinton’s appearance.

Overall, MSNBC is benefiting from Trump’s public breakdown: his call for a moat along the Southern border, his demanding foreign countries investigate his political rival, his impending impeachment in the House. The whole MSNBC lineup has re-awakened.

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