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The Global Citizen Festival concert was a bust on MSNBC Saturday night.

At the 8pm hour total viewers were 834,000. At 9pm, the number was 924,000. At 10pm, when Queen and Adam Lambert did their karaoke concert, there’s no break out of numbers. Either the viewership really fell, or it was combined into the 9pm hour.

By comparison Joy Reid’s morning show brought in 1.4 million viewers at 10am. The rest of the daytime schedule did about as well as Global Citizen’s average. The concert scored about 600,000 between 5 and 8pm.

At its height, at 9pm, Global Citizen tied with “A Very Brady Renovation” on HGTV. At 10pm Fox News scored 1.9 million, just when Queen was singing “We Will Rock You” and using videos of the late Freddie Mercury.

MSNBC devoted enormous resources to this thing, despite a lack of interest among viewers. Also, as I’ve reported, Global Citizen does nothing for poor or hungry people around the world. It spends millions on itself and on concerts. But its only mandate is to tell us that people are suffering and need help. Global Citizen doesn’t actually help anyone itself. But they are clever at piggybacking on announcements from corporations or governments when they come through with assistance. They are quite Trumpian in that way.

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