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Kanye West, where is your album, sir? “Jesus is King” was due Friday, then due Sunday, and has now just vanished.

This follows the same pattern for “Yandhi,” another album West insisted was coming last year, and then pffft…no one knows what’s happened.

Meantime, wife Kim Kardashian is selling girdles aka waist trainers. They’re called SKIMS, and they look damn uncomfortable.

But back to Kanye. Yesterday he had his church service in Queens, New York. It was live streamed, and all through the presentation the word SHOP was ghosted on the screen. It was a link to shopping on his site for cheap T shirts marked up to 50 bucks. Yikes.

But still no Jesus is King. Is it because the samples can’t be cleared? That would be my guess. Kanye cannot play music or write it so all his songs are sampled from pre-existing music. He’s piggy backed on everything from “Diamonds are Forever” to “Dock of the Bay.” The price for these things is getting higher and higher. Maybe publishers aren’t caving in so fast this time.


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