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Fall of 1969, I remember Mr.Sousa, our music teacher, 7th grade, 50 years ago today saying to us: “Do you have Abbey Road yet?” I was getting it that afternoon at Korvette’s. And the rest is history.

The remixed “Abbey Road” is now, before midnight, number 1, 2, and 5 on Amazon.com, and number 12. The number 1 is the Super Deluxe Version that costs 90 bucks. The other two are just the CDs, just the vinyl (3 Lps) and the single vinyl.

My copy arrived around 9pm. The sound of my actual favorite album of all time filling the apartment. Remixed by Giles Martin and co., “I Want You” comes to life as if the Beatles are here in the living room. The whole album sounds as if it’s been awakened from a slumber.

And listen, we were happy with the 2009 remastered version. But now you hear Ringo’s drums, Paul’s bass, John’s voice, George’s guitar. They shimmer. This was true of the remastered “Sgt. Pepper” and “White Album,” but here it’s different. Giles Martin said to me at the demo for the “White Album” last year, what’s there to do? Abbey Road was already perfection. But it’s cleaning a great masterpiece painting. Suddenly you hear new things.

Paul McCartney was funny on Colbert the other night. After 50 years of people asking how he wrote all this stuff with John (Harrison notwithstanding) he tried for a minute to give a cogent answer. Then he just said it: “Or maybe I’m a genius.” He’s certainly been thinking that for a long time. All four were genuises. They did things only great minds could do. And this is the result.

“I Want You” just stopped abruptly, and gave way to “Here Comes the Sun.” I’m going back to the music. Good night.


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