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We haven’t had a grand scale movie in a long time. Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” at three and a half hours, will be unveiled in New York for the press tomorrow morning at 9am. It promises, from the trailer, to be great with a capital G. I wonder how many of the Twitterverse bloggers will be looking to criticize the special effects that de-age the characters. From the trailer, it looks fine. It’s a small part of a large epic that has to be judged on its whole. Scorsese would never show us something less than perfect in his eyes and those of his team including editor Thelma Schoonmaker. The main thing is have they delivered a sensational piece of cinema? I don’t think it will be anything less than that. “The Irishman” should be the biggest competition so far for the Oscars, with possible nominees in all categories. There are two strong actresses, also: Anna Paquin and Kathrine Narducci.

I think these four looks on Twitter today are very promising. And let me say right now, I wish they’d send me some of that de-aging equipment right now!

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