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Yes, it’s Beatlemania. Today in 1969, the Beatles released their final recording but second to last album, “Abbey Road.” It’s a masterpiece. Knowing this, the group releases a 50th anniversary edition tomorrow that’s already number 2 on amazon.

And the PR machine is revved up. Two nights ago, Paul McCartney got the whole hour on Colbert. I’ve posted the segments below. Terrific interview. I like that Paul is alternately candid and a little displeased. He’s seen and done it all. His finally give the right answer about he’s done it all: “I’m a genius!” he says, cheekily.

Over on Jimmy Fallon, Ringo Starr appeared and sang “Yellow Submarine” with the Roots and Jimmy using toy instruments. Fun! Neither Paul nor Ringo mentions “Abbey Road.” It’s subliminal promotion!

Today the Beatles issued a new video to accompany the remixed “Here Comes the Sun.” I’m not crazy about it. There should have been more emphasis on George Harrison, who wrote and sang what has become the Beatles’ most streamed song on Spotify. But the mix is excellent, and at least George get the final frame.

We have one more Beatles 50th celebration in March 2020, with “Let it Be.” Then it’s done. “McCartney” is next in April. And then I’m too old to think about it!

PS Volkswagen has found a way to get in on the act. They’ve “cleaned up” the original “Abbey Road” cover in which a VW Beatle is parked messily on the sidewalk in the background. Now it’s parked properly. Who wants this? The whole idea was that the car was  Beetle, and that is was off kilter. That’s part of what made the photo magic. VW has even stopped making the Beetle. So, what the heck? Ignore them.

The look on Paul’s face when he sees the BTS sing “Hey Jude” is priceless:

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