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The 50th anniversary edition of “Abbey Road” is coming in just six days, on Friday, September 27th. We’ve already heard the remixed “Something” and “Oh! Darling.” Now we get “Come Together.” You can hear the remix and the outtake version that are included in the new box set right here.

“Abbey Road” 50th will be followed by “Let it Be” in March, and the “Let it Be” movie and a documentary about the making of “Let it Be.” And then, it will be over. The era of the 50th anniversary sets will be completed. It’s a little sad, but the Beatles appeared on “Ed Sullivan” in February 1970 and pulled the plug. All fans grieved. Paul McCartney’s self titled solo album appeared in April, and it was the dawn of a new era.

Come Together, remixed

Come Together, Take 5

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