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Turning “Downton Abbey” into a hit movie was a genius idea on the part of Julian Fellowes, Universal, and Carnival. Fellowes told me this week that he wrote the final episode of the series wrapping up all the plotlines, never expecting that a feature film would ever materialize.

But it did, and now “Downton Abbey” has made twice as much money in its opening as big budget films starring Brad Pitt and  Sylvester Stallone, respectively.

The Hollywood movie universe will take note immediately. Converting retired quality TV series into movies will be the nex trend, don’t you worry.

Already coming is an extension of “Breaking Bad” in the form of “El Camino,” starring Aaron Paul. Netflix plans to release “El Camino” for just two days into theaters before it goes to the platform. But you know, they should change their minds and let it have a two week run. Based on the “Downton” numbers, “El Camino” could soar even higher.

And then my vote for a movie from TV series next would be “Mad Men.” Creator Matthew Weiner left the door open for almost all the characters except January Jones’ Betty. But Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks have each soared since the series ended. Kieran Shipka  has too. Who wouldn’t want to see Sally Draper on a college campus in 1971? It’s perfect.

Which series would you like to see? “Walking Dead”? They’re working on that now. Just watch the Rick Grimes movies become screen hits!

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