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Sadly, death sells.

This morning, nine of The Cars’ singles are on the iTunes top 100. The Cars were fronted by Ric Ocasek, who tragically died yesterday in his East 19th St. townhouse. He was 75.

Five of the Cars’ albums are in the top 100 albums as well.

Meanwhile, Eddie Money, who’s died last week at age 70 after a short battle with cancer, has seen six of his singles hit the charts, and several albums. He’s all over the album charts as well.

Records by both artists are selling on amazon, too.

The Cars Greatest Hits is number 1 right on iTunes. Their debut album, which every rock fan of every age should have in their library in some form, is number 11.

I guess you could say Ric and Eddie have two tickets to paradise. God bless them both.

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