Home Movies Jennifer Lopez Gets Career High Opening Weekend with “Hustlers” at Whopping $33.2...

“Hustlers” didn’t need to drug its audience to get its money. No, it was just a good movie well marketed. And the result? A whopping $33.2 million opening weekend.

STX Studios, an indie group that’s been looking for a breakout hit since last January’s “The Upside” has now scored its own highest opening. Champagne corks should be popping.

Lopez’s highest grossing weekend previously was “Monster-in-Law” in 2005. She’s had a long and varied roller coaster ride at the movies since then. But now she’ll have her biggest hit, and maybe a Golden Globe nomination.

For co-star Constance Wu, it’s a bittersweet record. She’s hot as a pistol in the movies. But she’s trapped on her TV show, “Fresh off the Boat.” She’d like to go overboard. Maybe ABC could kill off her character and replace her with Roseanne!

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