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CBS finally woke up and fired Daytime chief Angelica McDaniel yesterday. It was a long time coming.

Ratings for CBS’s soaps “The Young and the Restless,” have cratered this year. Ditto for “The Bold and the Beautiful.” “The Talk” also has gone downhill, losing creator Sarah Gilbert from the panel. It was time to do something.

“Y&R” has had one disaster after another. Executive producer Mal Young nearly destroyed the show by angering fans. He dismissed veteran actors and wrote in characters that McDaniel wanted. The audience hated them, and that caused more firings. Key actors like Eileen Davidson and Christel Khalil have not returned. Some actors are MIA right now.

I also wrote about how McDaniel allegedly smeared actor Michael Muhney. It was her husband who brought a story to TMZ TV about Muhney’s alleged bad behavior on set several years ago. TMZ was the only news outlet to “report” the story, and without any reporting. The whole thing still remains a haunting mystery. Muhney was fired and hasn’t worked much since then.

McDaniel’s position has been eliminated. This does sound like when ABC finally purged Brian Frons from a similar position at that network. Frons killed “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Let’s hope there’s no repeat here. No one needs another cooking or talk show, or “CBS This Morning” in the afternoon.

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