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Horror film addicts never tired of being scared. You’d think the daily news cycle would be enough.

Yet, the success of “It: Chapter Two” suggests clowntime is not over. The sequel to “It,” the remake of Stephen King’s hit novel and movie, made $37 million in its debut Friday with $10 million from Thursday previews.

The movie is eying $103 million for the weekend. That’s quite an accomplishment  in what has been a sluggish box office year. Warner Bros. can relax. Mixed reviews- a 66 score on Rotten Tomatoes– didn’t deter the faithful.

Can there be more “It”? I suppose there can be more of anything, really. Stephen King is probably looking through his notebooks as we speak.

Meantime, Warner Bros. is on a roll. So is Sony. As we always discover, it’s all cyclical.

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