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Adele is back.

The pop singer with the big voice is on the cover of People magazine today, with a non-story and no actual quotes. The story says Adele is getting her new album ready but gives no details.

Well, this means that Adele’s album is done, and Sony is readying it for release. The optimum dates would be November 8th or 15th. Adele’s last album, “25,” was released four years ago at roughly the same time, November 20th. This year, the 15th would be the equivalent date since the following Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.

“25” went on to dominate the charts for weeks, selling over 7 million copies. So “31,” or whatever number it’s assigned, should follow suit.

Remember: Adele did a pre-release show at Radio City Music Hall that set the bar for her amazing success. Will she and her handlers repeat this plan? Or maybe this time, they’ll choose Carnegie Hall. An Adele release is an event.

Sony Music may also be readying new music from Harry Styles, who sent up his own trial balloon this month appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone. If the label has both artists coming, they’ll have space them out a little, with at least a week between them. But those are problems every record company would like to have, right? Between those two releases and Lil Nas X, Sony has come back full force in 2019 after a drought the year before. Nice work! And we’re still waiting for the Dominic Fike to have bis big breakthrough!

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