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I told you last week that John Travolta, king of the B and C movies, was heading toward a big disaster with “The Fanatic.”

Well, in 52 theaters last night, “The Fanatic” made $3,153.00. And no cents. Its three day total is likely to be less than $10,000, with Labor Day bringing it up to $13,000 at best.

“The Fanatic” isn’t rated by the MPAA and has no actual distribution. In New York, it’s playing at the Cinema Village on East 12th, one show a day at 9:30pm. Rotten Tomatoes critics have given it an 18 out of 100. The movie will go to video in a couple of weeks.

As I wrote last week, this is Travolta’s umpteenth bad movie, unreleaseable, flop. It’s been a decade since he was in anything considered a hit. That would be 2009’s “Old Dog.” He’s squandered several comebacks, the most recent being his mid 90s run with “Pulp Fiction” and “Face/Off.” He was in one film back then that I really liked, “Phenomenon.” But otherwise, it’s a resume of crap.

What killed Travolta’s career? Scientology? His bizarre personal life? All his hair pieces? Hard to say. But he hasn’t taken his career seriously, and the result is he’s pretty much hit bottom.

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