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This is going to be a long day for Republic Records.

They’ve got to find 230,000 more people to buy or stream Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album.

As of last night, “Lover” had total sales of 767,444 according to hitsdailydouble and Buzz Angle. Of those, a whopping 668,907 were pure sales– CDs and downloads.

But that’s not enough to make 1 million. And that’s what Taylor needs to continue her debut-at-1million streak. Her last four albums hit that magic number in each of their opening weeks.

Something tells me that “somehow” this number will be met. It’s close enough. There’s got to be someone out there with a garage big enough for 230,000 CDs– or  even half that number, but lots of room for streams! (Just kidding. No one would do such a thing. Wink, wink.)

Swift will finish the week at number 1, that’s definite. But next week, between Tool and Lana del Rey, it may not be so easy.

Good luck, Swiftians!



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