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The Rolling Stones don’t want their fans caught in a literal “crossfire hurricane.” So they’ve moved the final show of this tour from Saturday to Friday, one day earlier, to avoid Hurricane Dorian. They sing about such a hurricane in “Jumping Jack Flash,” which will now get a roar from the crowd.

The actual hurricane is due to hit Miami on Saturday, August 31st. That’s when the Stones would have taken the stage. But with the elongated lip that protrudes into the audience, Mick Jagger might have danced himself right into the Atlantic Ocean, or awakened in Oz with ruby red slippers.

Latin rock star Juanes, who was supposed to be the opening act, will not perform. I guess the Stones want to get on stage and off stage as quickly as possible!

Don’t miss this show, Floridians. It is a classic. And who knows when the Stones will roll back into town? This could be the last time, maybe it’s the last time, I don’t know…

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