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Taylor Swift’s humdrum streaming numbers changed considerably over night. Like, wow.

After performing two of her new hits on MTV’s Video Music Awards last night, Swift overwhelmed the streaming charts for both Spotify and Apple Music.

On Spotify, Swift has four of the top 5, plus two more in the top 10, and of course, number 1. The latter is the title song, “Lover,” which came off very well live on the show.

The rest of the singles from her “Lover” album are scattered through the top 20 and 30.

Over on Apple Music, Swift has numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8 plus 13 and 16 and then another tranche in the 20s.

On iTunes, “Lover” is number 2, however, to Lizzo. But all of Swift’s singles are on the iTunes top 100 singles chart and the album is number 1.

The low expectations for sales– 750K– may improve now to get her the 1 million by Thursday night she craves.

Swift’s embracing of the LGBTQ community, especially for her two opening singles, “Me!” and “You Better Calm Down,” has brought her a new, supportive audience.

I wonder what her cousin Jonathan Swift would say. She’s now like Gulliver in the land of the Lilluputians.


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