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The Stand comedy club on East 16th Street has already had enough misery: recently their owner was killed in his New Jersey home by his nanny’s boyfriend. You’d think the laughs would have stopped abruptly. (The nanny was also murdered. Not sure what the punchline is here.)

But for some reason, The Stand was also the scene on Monday night where former Judge Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News’s eccentric and tipsy aunt, often lampooned on “Saturday Night Live,” chose to have a book party.

Her book, “How the Left is Swallowing America” or something like that, is likely a reflection of her rants on Fox News. Pirro, more than almost Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, is “in the pocket” of Donald Trump. The current president of the US loves her, and has often called into her comedy show on Fox.

Well, Judge Jeannine couldn’t get Donald Trump himself. He was busy nuking hurricanes. So she got the next best thing: Donald Trump Jr. and his former “journalist” girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, who left State TV to date Donnie and join the campaign. On her resume: last year dating The Mooch, and before that marrying now California Governor Gavin Newsom. (I don’t think he keeps that in his bio.)

Also on hand: Rudy Giuliani, who will go anywhere people invite him, and that’s not a lot of places. I do remember seeing him with his then mistress Judith Nathan in 2000 at Cronie’s Bar on Second Avenue. That was a long time ago. In a far off galaxy…


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