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I love Michelle and Barack Obama. But they’ve snubbed Aretha Franklin on their summer playlist. Now I’m afraid they are ineligible to get the hat she wore at the 2008 inauguration. Not smart, O’s.

Still, they have fine musical taste when it comes to other choices. They liked the Spinners, Dobie Gray, Stevie Wonder, the Black Keys, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Van Morrison. So that’s something. Their modern taste runs to “Senorita,” Beyonce, and Anthony Hamilton among others.

But they included R&B thief Robin Thicke while eschewing Aretha. For that, there is little forgiveness. How could they? And where is Sam and Dave’s “Soul Man,” which Michelle danced to on stage at the White House with Sam Moore?

Plus, in their hearts, the Obamas may be old white hippies. They included “Get Together” by Jesse Colin Young. Oy vey. Pass the Chardonnay.

And really, kids, if you wanted the hat, you should have showed some RESPECT for number 1.

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