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Whoopsy daisy!

Seems like a concocted celebrity romance has been “outed,” so to speak. Pop singers Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello have had a duet hit single out all summer called “Seniorita.” They’ve smartly fueled sales and airplay by using an old Hollywood trick– pretending to have a romance. They’ve been photographed everywhere. I hope they’ve had fun.

But the LA-based entertainment shows that promote this nonsense are certainly in on it. “Entertainment Tonight” is chief among them. So it’s not a surprise that ET’s online staff writes up stories about events before they happen, since it’s all make believe anyway.

Apparently, ET Online published an unfinished story on August 20th about the MTV VMA Awards, which don’t occur until August 26th. The article is about Shawn and Camilla’s “flirty performance” at the Awards– even though none of this has happened yet. But in their minds, it’s already happened, I guess, since it’s all made up anyway.

Ah, Hollywood.

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