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Miley Cyrus, 26, has posted a multi part Tweet to her fans and followers explaining herself re her divorce from Liam Hemsworth. This lady has guts, and she never holds back. Recently, she’s been in public making out with another woman, and there’ve been plenty of sightings of her carrying on, so to speak. Her long romantic history included a relationship with Hemsworth, a break up, a period of Twerking, posing nude, and doing drugs, followed by her make up with Hemsworth, going G rated, marrying the actor, declaring she was queer, and then these new developments.

Here’s what she says:

I am proud to say, I am simply in a different place from where i was when I was a younger. BUT at this point I had to make a healthy decision for myself to leave a previous life behind. I am the healthiest and happiest I have been in a long time. You can say I am a twerking, pot smoking , foul mouthed hillbilly but I am not a liar.

I can admit to a lot of things but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating. Liam and I have been together for a decade. I’ve said it before & it remains true, I love Liam and always will.

But the truth is, once Liam & I reconciled,I meant it, & I was committed. There are NO secrets to uncover here. I’ve learned from every experience in my life. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be, it’s boring. I’ve grown up in front of you, but the bottom line is, I HAVE GROWN UP.

There are probably more nudes of me on the internet than maybe any woman in history.

I swung on a wrecking ball naked.

I got kicked off hotel Transylvania for buying Liam a penis cake for his birthday and licking it.

It is no secret that I was into partying in my teens and early 20’s. I have not only smoked, but advocated for weed, I’ve experimented with drugs, my biggest song to date is about dancing on molly and snorting lines in the bathroom.

I can accept that the life I’ve chosen means I must live completely open and transparent with my fans who I love, and the public, 100% of the time. What I cannot accept is being told I’m lying to cover up a crime I haven’t committed. I have nothing to hide.

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