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You can now listen to three new versions of The Beatles’ “Something,” one of George Harrison’s masterpieces, on YouTube and on Amazon. I’ve posted the YouTube links here.

These are from the upcoming 50th anniversary edition of “Abbey Road,” due September 27th. There are several iterations– CD, CD and vinyl, vinyl alone.

All the songs have been remixed by Giles Martin and his team the same as “Sgt. Pepper,” “The White Album,” and the “1” album. Just doing an A/B comparison between the remastered “Abbey Road” from the 2009 black box set is a mind blower. It’s as if someone removed a muffling device from the 2009 version — and we thought then that that was incredible improvement!

Ringo, for one, should be jumping up and down. His magnificent drums roll like thunder now when needed, and are light as feathers as well. George’s guitar solo now crackles, it actually “speaks” so expressively. And listen to the demo version, which (I don’t know) maybe only collectors had, but I don’t think so.

“Abbey Road” 50th was hard to assemble because some of it had turned up in other places in bits and pieces. But now it’s remixed so vibrantly, I can’t wait to hear the rest of it.



Something– instrumental

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