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For Madonna’s birthday, she posted a video to Instagram of her four adopted kids serenading her with Elton John’s “Your Song.” They’re probably too young to know about the three decade feud between Elton and Madonna. (Weird that Aretha Franklin died last year on Madonna’s bday. No wonder Madge’s tribute to Aretha at last years’s VMAs were all about…her.)

The tall kid in the video is David Banda, the first child Madonna adopted from Malawi. He’s 14, and looks like 24. Playing the piano is Mercy James, 13. There are also the twin girls Esthere and Stella, age 6, who are frequently featured on Madonna’s social media. They all look and sound happy and ebullient.

Where are Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie, Madonna’s biological children? I’m sure they were just off camera. The rest of the guests? Extras?

Why is Madonna wearing an eyepatch with an X on it? Apparently she is still playing Madame X, the character she created for her recent album, a sales disappointment. At least she’s enjoyed this character. Madonna is 61 years old.

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