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Mick Jagger is coming to the Toronto Film Festival. You can’t get always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need. And we need Mick! Jagger co-stars in “The Burnt Orange Heresy,” just added as a gala to TIFF. Also added is “The Aeronauts” from Amazon Studios with Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. If this were a Miramax movie in 2002, it would win the Oscar. It’s about balloon racing in the 1800s.

Lots of great new special presentations, too, including the filmed version of Kerry Washington’s Broadway play, “American Son.” ​

GALAS 2019
The Aeronauts ​
Tom Harper | United Kingdom
Canadian Premiere
The Burnt Orange Heresy ​
Giuseppe Capotondi | USA/United Kingdom
North American Premiere
American Son ​
Kenny Leon | USA
World Premiere

(​Le Daim​)​

Quentin Dupieux | France
International Premiere
Dirt Music ​
Gregor Jordan | United Kingdom/Australia
World Premiere
The Elder One ​

Geetu Mohandas | India
World Premiere
Guns Akimbo ​
Jason Lei Howden | Germany/New Zealand
World Premiere
Human Capital​

Marc Meyers | USA
World Premiere
Jungleland ​
Max Winkler | USA
World Premiere
Lucy in the Sky ​
Noah Hawley | USA
World Premiere
Lyrebird ​
Dan Friedkin | USA
International Premiere
Mosul ​
Matthew Michael Carnahan | USA
North American Premiere
Seberg ​
Benedict Andrews | USA/United Kingdom
North American Premiere
Sibyl ​
Justine Triet | France/Belgium
North American Premiere
Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson | USA
World Premiere
The Truth ​
(​La vérité​)​

Hirokazu Kore-eda | France/Japan
North American Premiere
Wasp Network ​
Olivier Assayas | France, Brazil, Spain, Belgium
North American Premiere
Waves ​
Trey Edward Shults | USA
International Premiere
Albert Shin’s ​Clifton Hill ​was previously announced as part of the Special Presentations programm

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