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UPDATE I told you yesterday the announcement was coming. And this morning, The Beatles made their announcement. Here’s the video.

WEDNESDAY: September 26th is just around the corner, and you know what that means. It’s the 50th anniversary of “Abbey Road.”

Even though there’s been no official word yet, I am told that the announcement of a box set is forthcoming. Ringo Starr as much confirmed it a few days ago in an interview wit Billboard. He told Gary Graff: “I’ve loved all the re-releases because of the remastering, and you can hear the drums, which got dialed down in the old days. I get a bit fed up, personally, with all those, like, Take 9 or Take 3, the odd takes that we didn’t put out, but that’s part of the box set and you have to do stuff like that.”

What we should be getting is “Abbey Road” remixed for the first time in its entirety by Giles Martin. This would replace the most recent remaster from the 2009 “black box” set. I’m sure we’ll get outtakes as well. Apple and Jeff Jones and Capitol Records have done a great job with all the 50th reissues. This should be no exception.

As for Ringo’s take on box sets, and his drums: the more you listen to Beatles music, the more you hear how exceptional Ringo’s work was. I love listening to “Ticket to Ride” or “A Day in the Life” just for him. His pinnacle may be on the side 2 medley of “Abbey Road.” The remix should be spectacular.

So hold on, kids, “Abbey Road” is coming. And then, next spring, “Let it Be.”

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