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It’s all about the money.

Robert DeNiro, who hates Donald Trump and presumably Rupert Murdoch, has sold out to…Murdoch.

DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff have sold the Tribeca Film Festival to the Murdoch family’s Lupa Fund. James Murdoch runs the fund for investments since the Murdochs sold Fox Studios to Disney. Lupa means “she-wolf,” which I guess is just removed from the word Fox.

James Dolan’s Madison Square Garden company sold their stake so they can concentrate on their attractions in Las Vegas.

Lupa is a total Murdoch venture. Also involved in this is Attention Capital, co-founded by former Fox executive Joe Marchese. He’s the former president of advertising revenue for the Fox Networks Group, and a James Murdoch insider.

So yes, we all lose our naivete on this one. The good guys have sold out to the bad guys. James Murdoch is trying to legitimize his family’s horrible history, and their ongoing mayhem at Fox News. Now they’ve taken control of Tribeca. DeNiro et al went for the money. The ideology didn’t matter.

What a shame.

In a release, Jane Rosenthal said this without irony: “Our new partnership with James and Joe will bring valuable expertise as Bob and I look to scale and strategically grow Tribeca.”


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