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This morning Donald Trump, who claims to be president of the United States, gave a speech about the terrible and tragic mass shootings that took place this weekend in Dayton, Ohio and in El Paso, Texas. But he urged prayers for Toledo, Ohio, not Dayton, as his sniffed his way through a dry mouthed delivery. He couldn’t read the TelePrompter, only this time– as opposed to July 4th– he couldn’t blame the rain.

If the reason for the speech weren’t so serious, it would be funny. But it’s not funny. Trump blamed social media, the internet, and video games for the violence that is now on an ongoing emergency in the United States. He called for capital punishment of potential attackers, even though most of them go into their killing sprees on suicide missions, and are so deranged that being sent to the electic chair is not a concern.

Trump did not mention gun control. He is completely out of touch with the country and the world. He can’t explain why every other country has the same video games, social media, and the internet, and that none of them– not one — has this problem. We are the only country with violent mass killings on a daily or weekly basis.

Today Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post, a conservative paper run by extreme conservatives, called for a ban on asaault weapons. We’ve gotten to that point. Will it matter? Will Murdoch’s Fox News carry that message? Probably not.

Two of the recent mass killings took place in Wal Marts. That’s Trump’s constituency. Wal Mart has said nothing. Their CEO has said nothing. Rifles are still on sale in all Wal Marts where states allow it. How long before those customers and those people realize Trump’s war on America is on them? The people who stand behind him at his idiotic rallies are the targets.

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