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Barbra Streisand played Madison Square Garden tonight to quite a crowd. Among her guests were Bill and Hillary Clinton, who elicited a standing ovation. Streisand gave a two minute speech extolling Bill Clinton as “the only president who balanced the budget.”

“He left this country with a budge surplus!” Barbra exclaimed to cheers. Other celebrities at the show were Mariah Carey, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Al Sharpton, and former NY Mayor David Dinkins. “By the way he did that by taxing the highest wage earners.” She continued: “A great president needs a sense of history and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. And the compassion that would not allow children to be separated from their parents.”

Barbra didn’t stop there. She sang a parody of “Send in the Clowns” about Donald Trump called “Who is This Clown?” that received cheers and laughs throughout the Garden.

The NY audience ate it all up, like a five star meal!

Thanks to Samantha Liebman from WiNS Radio in NY for posting this. I listen to her avidly in my car!


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