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Long awaited, and long postponed by her label: Lana del Rey’s “Norman F**cking Rockwell!” is dropping on August 30th. It’s about f**cking time!

Originally meant for earlier in the year, “NFR!” was held back so as not to interfere with some other releases on Interscope Records. But now, if only to qualify for the Grammy Awards (deadline September 30th), here it comes.

Most of the album was written with and produced by Jack Antonoff, who just got Taylor Swift a smash hit with “The Archer” and has a pretty great track record.

The guy on the cover of the album with Lana is Duke Norfleet, aka Duke Nicholson, grandson of Jack, son of Jennifer Nicholson and her ex Mark Norfleet, who really really resembles Jack.

There’s a tour, too. And ticket bundling, to make sure “NFR” debuts at number 1. Everyone who buys a ticket will get an album — even if they don’t want one!

‘Norman F**king Rockwell!’ Track List:

1. Norman f**king Rockwell

2. Mariners apartment complex

3. Venice bitch

4. F**k it I love you

5 Doin’ time

6 Love song

7 Cinnamon Girl

8 How to disappear

9 California

10 The Next Best American Record

11 The greatest

12 Bartender

13 Happiness is a butterfly

14 hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it



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