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The loudest voice in the room is bellowing just for former Fox News employees and media junkies.

Showtime’s “Loudest Voice” — with great performances from Russell Crowe, Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts and Seth MacFarlane — missed the cut for the top 150 cable shows this past Sunday– again. “Loudest Voice” scored .04 in the key demo on 359,000 viewers. That means fewer than 4,000 people were between 18 and 49. Almost everyone who watched was “of a certain age”– like me! They were either former Fox News people, outsiders who hated Roger Ailes, or coma patients.

I watched on Sunday and re-watched (because the Yankee game distracted me). The acting is superior. Seth MacFarlane really captured the nasty, feral, tone of Brian Lewis. The only misstep is the actress playing Dianne Brandi. She’s all wrong. It should be Fran Drescher, with foam coming out of her mouth.

Showtime’s “City on a Hall” preceded it at 9pm. Kevin Bacon is killing it, everyone is, on this very adroit drama. “City” has finally pulled away from “Voice.” They jumped up to .60 and scored 550K viewers. They made the cut on the top 150. I really hope Showtime renews “City on a Hill” and does something to promote it.

Back to “Voice”: what Fox News was doing to OBama in 2009 is exactly what they’re doing to Cunningham, Sharpton, the Squad et al now. It’s very pointed racism. It’s designed to obliterate blacks from the American political system, right from Roger Ailes’s playbook. Crowe is portraying him as crazy, and he’s right. But he’s also still alive in the hallways of 1211 Ave. of the Americas.

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