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Once upon a time in Hollywood…Quentin Tarantino could be headed to his biggest opening weekend ever. Last night “OUTH” scored $5.8 million in previews. The Leonardo DiCaprio-Brad Pitt comedy should be huge, with excellent reviews (save for a couple of weird ones on Rotten Tomatoes.)

In 2009, Tarantino had his biggest opening with “Inglorious Basterds”– $38 million. Three years later, he’d hit $30 million with “Django Unchained.”

“OUTH” should have amazing word of mouth, which will help enormously. This movie plays very, very well and is very enjoyable. Believe me, a lot of people will want to see it a second time.

This is the first film Tarantino has made without Harvey Weinstein and his PR machine. But the last one, “Hateful 8,” was a bust, so it may have been time for a new look anyway. It’s also Tarantino’s widest ever release.

I do think “OUTH” will have “legs” — audiences will keep seeking it out at least through Labor Day. And let’s see which one of the songs from the soundtrack– which is out now– makes a surprise appearance on the charts.

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