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Back in March I told you I was rooting for Faye Dunaway’s Broadway debut this fall as Katharine Hepburn in “Tea at Five.”

But after a good run in Boston this spring, Dunaway has been done away with by the producers. They announced today that Faye will not be coming to New York in the one woman show.

Oscar winner Dunaway got good notices in Boston. But even on opening night critics noticed she was having trouble with her lines. They also thought she was too good for the material. The play itself, tried years earlier with Kate Mulgrew, was never a favorite of anyone.

So maybe the producers got the jump by announcing Faye was out before she could– see “All About Eve” for the vicious way that game is played.

Faye really got screwed in the press 40 years ago for doing “Mommie Dearest.”  Her career never recovered. I’ve never known a male actor who was punished for all eternity for one bad movie. John Travolta’s made 200 bad movies and keeps coming back. But she’s never stopped working or trying to make good projects. I’m sure she’ll have something better soon.

Hey Ryan Murphy– this is your bailiwick. Give us back Faye Dunaway!

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