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“Big Little Lies,” or Knots Landing 2.0, will be back. They ended their second season tonight with a cliffhanger. The show did not resolve itself. Indeed, the great final hour of Season 2– and it was great– only opened the door to ‘what happens next?’ in a major way. HBO and the producers won’t announce the third season for a bit. They’ve got to put on the whole ‘we can’t everyone back together’ so easily thing.

But believe me , the writers are fleshing out ideas, Jean Marc Vallee is free to return to his directors’ chair (after the Andrea Arnold editing hubhub). The actresses all want it. It’s been nothing but great for them.

The big question is, after Meryl Streep, who’s the next big guest star? Or guest stars? The plots are all laid out as all these characters are in legal peril at the end of Season 2. And what fun! Like “Knots Landing,” the show is about the friendships. As long as the ladies all reunite on the beach at sunset wearing chunky sweaters. The most emblematic moment of tonight’s show was Zoe Kravitz asking James Tupper to go get a bottle of wine after something serious happens.

We’ll have to wait til January for the Golden Globes before this season will win some awards. Nicole Kidman was really extraordinary in the courtroom scenes tonight. Streep has already secured her statue in past episodes. Laura Dern took out a baseball bat tonight and wound up on the HBO All Star team. She is just great.

How far can “Big Little Lies” go? As long as the actors want to make it. But when they left that door open tonight, we knew they’d be back.


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