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Well, everything I always thought about David Crosby came true yesterday afternoon. Twenty nine minutes into a podcast interview with the Hollywood Reporter’s intrepid Scott Feinberg, he called the interviewer a “dipshit” and walked out of the interview.

The funny part is that Feinberg tells Crosby up front that some of the questions may seem redundant after all the interviews he’s done for his new documentary. But Crosby tells Feinberg it’s ok, ask anything. For the first 25 minutes or so, Crosby seems ok. But then he suddenly turns on Feinberg. He gets very angry and declares, “This is stuff you can read in books!”

The movie is called “Remember My Name.” I’m sure everyone will when they hear this exchange. This is the link.

For more on Crosby, read David Browne’s excellent book about “Crosby, Stills and Nash,” just recently published. Feinberg did a fine job, by the way. Crosby was way out of line.

Alas, Feinberg never gets to ask about Crosby being the sperm donor for Melissa Etheridge’s twins, or if he sees them or knows them (very “Kids Are Alright”). And he never gets to talk about why he hates Graham Nash so much that he’s destroyed CSN. It does seem like Feinberg hits a sore spot asking about how Nash stole Joni Mitchell away from Crosby FIFTY FREAKING YEARS AGO. Still not over it, Dave?

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