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The Lion King rules the box office jungle.

The live action CGI remake received mixed to poor reviews, but it’s hot out and audiences don’t care. They voted with their wallets and gave Jon Favreau’s movie $78.5 million including the $23 million from Thursday.

The guesstimate now for the weekend is $178mil-$200 million depending on how much audiences use movie theaters as cooling centers. With temperatures at 95 degrees, my guess is the high end. Somehow Disney lucks out.

“The Lion King” thus becomes the 10th biggest opening night movie, surpassing “Black Panther.”

Number 2 last night was “Spider Man” with $6 million, and 3 was “Toy Story 4” with $4.3 million.

If you’re looking for a good movie, try “Rocketman” — still in theaters– or “Yesterday.”

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