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I always hated the musical, “Cats.” It was something for out of towners on Broadway who didn’t need to know much English because there is no story, really, just the costumes. “Memory” as sung by Betty Buckley was part of the TV commercial that ran ceaselessly like a high pitched dog whistler to Japanese tourists.

But now I see this trailer, and I am unaccountably excited. The great director of “Les Miserables” and “The King’s Speech,” Tom Hooper, has cast the best people in the world to put on those costumes. Judi Dench will be like Kibble to catty movie goers. Jennifer Hudson– listen to her sing “Memory” in this trailer. She’s going to get another Oscar. (She is the best singer we have, bar none.)

So I will put up with “Cats” and probably enjoy it. Dammit!

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