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The Kennedy Center inductees are Sally Field, composer-conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, “Sesame Street,” plus Linda Ronstadt and Earth Wind & Fire.

They’re all good choices, but on the other hand, the KC Honors is turning into the Grammy Awards. Linda and EWF are too much in one season. Just pick one. There are plenty of people who have been waiting a long time.

Among them is Dick van Dyke. Also, Kenny Rogers. The Kennedy Center Honors are supposed to go to people who changed the arts or influenced them. But every year since George Stevens was ousted, it’s also become a ratings game.

Forget it: the KC Honors airs on a day no one is watching TV, between Christmas and New Years. The same people tune in year after year.

So for Sally Field, you know it will be Julia Roberts. Their “Steel Magnolias” friendship has carried them in good stead. I do hope for Linda Ronstadt we do not see Sheryl Crow (much I as love her) again. Kelly Clarkson is Linda’s heir to power country.

As for EW&F, what a shame founder Maurice White isn’t here to see this. But his brother Verdine, and Philip Bailey, will be grinning from ear to ear. Again, please, if I see a CBS-friendly white guy singing “September” bowls will be thrown, glasses will be smashed. Sam Moore, of Sam & Dave fame, has the only voice that would suit those tunes.

PS This will be the 3rd year of no Trump. Sally and Linda don’t want him, I doubt EWF does. Michael Tilson Thomas can’t want him. And Elmo, Big Bird, and the Cookie Monster– Trump threatened to wipe out PBS.

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