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One big snub from the Emmys today: no nominations for “The Conners.”

The spin off of “Roseanne” features Oscar nominee and Tony winner Laurie Metcalf, and Emmy winner/Golden Globe winner John Goodman. (How John Goodman doesn’t have an Oscar is beyond me.)

But the show got nothing and neither did its actors. Eleven episodes of strong writing and directing were also shunned.

When the show came back in 2018 as “Roseanne” but imploded, Metcalf was nominated and the show got an editing nod. But this year, nothing for nobody.  Of course, Roseanne’s toxicity may have extended to “The Conners.” It’s sad if so, to punish the people left behind.

Oh well, last year before the Emmy nominations were announced, Goodman told a TMZ video guy who caught him at a gas station that he didn’t care about the Emmys anyway. He was nominated many times as Dan Conner in the old days, and never won.

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