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The Emmy nominations are here, and so are the snubs.

Both Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are routinely excluded from the Emmys. Do the Emmys hate Lorne Michaels? They do give nods to “SNL.” But these two guys are out in the cold again, and it’s so wrong.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and their Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” got nada.

Showtime received almost nothing except for “Escape at Dannemora.” The Emmys don’t even acknowledge the existence of “Billions,” a favorite show with an all star cast. Showtime is also almost non existent. Sad!

Also, I’m kind of shocked that Tracee Ellis Ross wasn’t nominated for “Blackish.” She should be top of the heap. The result is six white women, no color. Not very imaginative. Tracee rocks!

Julia Roberts didn’t make the cut for her series, “Homecoming.”

Also completely shut out after years of winning massive numbers of awards: “Modern Family.” Plus ABC’s second season of “The Conners” garnered nothing for the show or its actors.


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