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The new “Lion King” is proving to be more divisive than originally thought. Early social media posts from the premiere audience, critics, and first screenings were very high on the film, calling it “visually stunning.” But on Twitter, after more scenes were released, there’s been a serious outcry against the movie. Armchair critics– who will pay to see “The Lion King”– are complaining that it looks cold, grim, and that the real lions et al seem unemotional.

That won’t stop this “Lion King” from roaring at the box office, by the way. It’s going to be a big, big hit.

Meanwhile, as we await the review embargo to lift at 12 noon Eastern: Disney seems to have yanked the original 1994 film from streaming or renting. You can still buy it on amazon or iTunes, but it’s not available to be rented. This would seem as a way to discourage comparisons between the old film and the new one. Disney’s done the same with “Aladdin” so that the Robin Williams version also can’t be casually watched. Interesting that they didn’t do this for “Dumbo.”

Some theorize that Disney has pulled “The Lion King” from renting or streaming because they’re going to have their own service soon. I don’t think so. All their other movies, plus Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilms are all available now. Again, it won’t matter. “The Lion King” is immortal.


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