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Everyone’s all excited about Beyonce’s new “Lion King” song that was released today. It’s called “Spirit” and I have to say, it sounds better in the context of the movie than as a standalone. (Is it number 1 yet?)

But wait! Elton John surprises everyone with a new “Lion King” song that plays at the end of the movie. It’s called “Never Too Late,” and I’ll say it now– it’s great. It’s even actually better than Elton’s song in his own movie. “Rocketman,” called “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.” And that 0ne is pretty good, too.

This means that Elton will have two songs for Best Song nomination this season. Weird, right? But you know this is the year of Elton John, on his Farewell tour, with his hit movie, and so on. He wrote all the original hit songs with Tim Rice for “The Lion King” animated film and Broadway musical. So writing a new one makes sense.

I can’t review the new “Lion King” until tomorrow at noon, but I will say the original songs sound  wonderful in the film, especially “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” But “Never Too Late” has ‘hit’ and ‘radio’ written all over it. Elton should add it to his shows ASAP.

Maybe he can just get a special Oscar for being Elton John next winter. When “Never Too Late” drops, I’ll post it.

BTW there’s a really great Diane Warren song, sung by Daya, in Mindy Kaling’s “Late Night” movie that should get nominated. Here it is:


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