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Marvel madness continues…

Wow! “Spider Man: Far from Home” has picked up $185 million in its first six days. This is waaaaay more than Sony Columbia Pictures predicted or dreamed of.

The Far from Home predecessor, “Homecoming,” made only $154 million in its first six days. So this is reason for celebration.

Worldwide since its release a couple of days earlier in foreign parts, “Far from Home” is now at $580 million.

Tom Holland now joins the ranks of the biggest movie stars in the world. He just turned 23!

More box office to come…keep refreshing…

The Beatles movie “Yesterday” is a hit. They’re at $36 million. That’s five or six times what the producers paid for the Beatles songs. Ed Sheeran should get a nice boost from this– he has a new album coming out shortly. The Beatles catalog is booming!

“Yesterday,” like Elton John’s “Rocketman,” has legs. People keep coming back and the movie lasts. “Rocketman” crossed the $90 million mark this weekend.

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