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Amy Pascal must be smiling. I hope she’s lounging by a pool with waiters delivering peeled grapes.

Her “Spider Man: Far From Home” broke Tuesday records last night with $39 million. It’s the biggest Tuesday opening ever, beating “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

“Far from Home” should have a record week through Sunday, as well. Sony is giving a low ball estimate of $125 million, but the reality is closer to $170 to $190 million. Peter Parker never had it so good. And that’s not looking at international sales.

“Far from Home” will be the whole story this week and July 4th weekend. Word of mouth will be intense too since the movie is perfectly jiggered for kids, tweens, teens, and young adults through their 30s. Older people, like yours truly, will find it very enjoyable too!

And this just the middle chapter in a trilogy. We think. Tom Holland definitely gets a third “Spider Man.” And he can keep appearing in Marvel Universe movies for quite a while because he’s so young.

Sony Pictures can breathe a sigh of relief. Between this and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” they’ve got a nice summer ahead.


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