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Showtime deserves what it gets. The Roger Ailes-Fox News mini series “The Loudest Voice in the Room” was a ratings disaster on Sunday night.

Things were so bad that Showtime didn’t offer ratings for any of their Sunday shows. “Loudest Voice” scored maybe 299,000 viewers on Showtime at 10pm. Showtime says it was more like 650K if you count all their other ways of delivering shows. But what’s very obvious is that there was no audience for the Russell Crowe-led A list cast show.

But “Loudest Voice” had a terrible launch, no marketing, no nothing. It sort of crept up on us. They had some kind of premiere in New York and didn’t even invite people who used to work for Fox News. Incredibly stupid.

By comparison, HBO’s “Big Little Lies” had 1,640,000 viewers. Even the Kardashians squeezed out 1.4 million.”Loudest Voice” was even beaten by HBO’s controversial “Euphoria,” which scored only 493,000 fans. (And that “Euphoria” had its own issues– for another story.)

“Loudest Voice” is so well written by Oscar winner Tom McCarthy, and the acting was top notch. But it doesn’t matter. That 299K is less than half of what “Billions” gets on a weekly basis. And if “Billions” doesn’t get Emmy nominations, then it’s really time to re-evaluate what’s going on there.

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