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Roseanne Barr already had one poorly received stand up comedy tour this year. It was just last month.

But she must be a glutton for punishment. Tickets have go on sale for the first two dates of her “Mr. and Mrs. America” tour with Andrew Dice Clay. And they’re not moving.

The first two dates are September 19th at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, Long Island, and September 20th at the Etness Arena in Atlantic City.

Initial sales are not that swell. At the Paramount, either actual ticket buyers or scalpers bought up the front center. But everything else is available. The Ticketmaster map is a sea of blue dots.

Same thing the next night. In fact the Etness Center has blocked off the side sections, they’re not even bothering to sell them. In the end, the arena will hope for walk up business on the night of the show.

These two locations were good tests for interest in Roseanne and Dice. They’re working class, Republican areas. If they’re not excited about this event, I can’t imagine who else will be.

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