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The party is over for Madonna’s “Madame X” album.

Last week “Madame X” debuted at number 1, beating Bruce Springsteen’s “Western Stars.” I told you that Bruce was really number 1, that Madonna’s numbers were inflated by 30,000 copies bundled with tickets to her fall tour. The RIAA counts these sales.

But in Week 2, the truth is out. “Madame X” dropped a record 95%– NINETY FIVE PERCENT. It sold just 3,600 copies, a total of 5,900 including streaming of the album and singles. Madonna’s had huge drops in the past because of this ticket bundling scheme, but this is her biggest ever.

Meanwhile, Springsteen sold 9,500 copies of “Western Stars” this week, a total of 11,200 including streaming. If “Western Stars” doesn’t win the Grammy for Album of the Year next January, it will be a very disappointing time in music.

This week’s number 1 album will be a toss up between Jack White’s Raconteurs and Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” EP called “7.” The single, “Old Town Road,” with Billy Ray Cyrus, is certainly the song of the year, still at number 1 and going strong.

Numbers are from Buzz Angle.

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