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Readers of this column know how badly Roseanne Barr fared last month in her short comedy tour. One stop had to be canceled entirely. The other shows sold very poorly, with tickets going for rock bottom prices and the theaters full of empty seats.

So now Andrew Dice Clay has invited Barr on a tour with him called “Mr. and Mrs. America.” He gave this headline to Fox News, which is where I guess his audience is. Will he be the headliner? And who will produce a tour with Roseanne after her poor turnout just last month?

“Mr. and Mrs. America” will have to lean heavily on red states, and keep the prices low because those people are not paying more than $30 for a ticket– and even that’s high for this stuff in the mid west.

Tickets are supposed to go on sale next week. We’ll stay on top of developments.


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On Sale Next Week !!!

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